@emmakisstina - student project

Hello Everyone!

Just because I'm teaching this subject (curating a beautiful Instagram feed) doesn't mean I'm always the master of creating a beautiful feed. I'm convinced we're always adapting and learning and I especially feel like I learn best as I teach too. Teaching by learning and learning by teaching as they say :) I'm also the first to say that I'm not perfect.

So my Instagram feed goes up and down with it's looks as some parts of the year I put a ton of intention into my posts and other times I fall off the Instagram wagon a bit and just post what I think will look nice with out planning and I can see a huge difference in my feed.

Now that it's a new year I feel extra motivated to put a little more intention into my Instagram planning and I personally think I have a beautiful feed to show for it. Also sharing my process with you all inspires me as well to share beautiful curated more intentional content. I hope my class will inspire you as well.


There is my before top nine from last year... 

@emmakisstina - image 1 - student project

I wouldn't categorise this as being bad but it's a bit messy and a little all over the place. Personal photos mixed with staged photos, mixed with illustrations and surface pattern designs. It's all a bit too much and doesn't have an overall theme to pull it all together. This would leave me feeling uninspired and stressed about having to create better content, I therefore would give up a little more and post just for the sake of posting.


Now to show off my lastest top nine...

@emmakisstina - image 2 - student project

Only simple illustrations with a shared color palette. The illustrations are all very different but they are brought together by the colors and the over all feel of the feed. 

I love this look so much better as it's not only nicer to look at but it is far easier for me to maintain. Now I don't have to worry about matching my photographs with my pattern designs and illustrations and can just focus on posting illustrations only. This puts my design mind more at ease, and increased productivity as well since I don't have to focus on doing all of the things (like photography, which I do not enjoy.)

Now all I have to do is stay on top of my planning and batch draw loads of illustrations so I always have something to post :)


Can't wait to see your instagram feeds too!


Kristina Hultkrantz
Illustrator & Surface Pattern Designer
Top Teacher