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$elling Dreams

Stay Laced is a Detroit based apparel brand with a focus on art, creativity , and sneakers. Our designs collaborations and art attempt to tell stories, envoke creativity, and express our passion for the urban culture. In Detroit there is an ever growing culture of music, art, and sneakers, what we do combines all three as we feel they are the center of urban style and creativity. Being a fan of Staple and specializing in tees this project was perfect for me so I decided to indulge fully by going through the processs from start to finish instead of entering a tee I have previously created. So please enjoy the pictures as I walk you through my process!

The idea behind the selling dreams design was to incorporate this concept I had that goes, we as creatives whether you make music, paint , design clothes whatever it is, it started as an idea or as a dream of something that was just once a thought. Then through whatever medium is your specialty you made that dream tangible you made it real which is amazing. Then through skill, talent, and determination your able to sell that dream and potentially make a living doing something that you love, whether its concert tickets to your performance, a framed piece of art, or a tee shirt .. thats selling dreams. The thought cloud represnts the raw form of your dream, the exclamation mark is a representation of that light bulb moment, that spark when that idea hit you and you knew you had to make it real. The question mark is that brainstorming phase, the now that I have an idea what do I do with it phase and how to execute your dream and make it real?

Concept : I enjoy original artwork and raw sketches so I wanted the design and font to be my own hand writing and drawing then I recreated the images in Adobe Illustrator. I also played around with different orientations and placements until I landed on the template you see below. 







Process: To achieve this size print on a tee I could have had it screen printed but I chose dye sublimation because of the quick turn around time and how smooth the design comes out on the polyester blended tee.


Photosoot: Obviuously the presentation of your project is just as important as the product it self. I chose to do the shoot in black and white because I enjoy the hard contrast between the darks and lights and I feel this setting encompases a dream like space.






$elling Dreams

Thank you for viewing, you can keep up with the brand via the social media links below!


IG : _stay_laced

Sidenote being a fan or Staple I created some artwork last month that I felt creatively reflected the release of Staple's Nike Dunk collaboration back in 2005! Check it out below!



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