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Everything started on 2012 when I had a real bad life changing experience. When your life gets in danger you start thinking about doing things you want to do before you die and things that will make you feel good with yourself. That was the moment that I created the idea of elisfa. The name is a combination of my first and last name (Elisavet Fakou) but I used this name as a username in every account I had created since then and I still use it. So this was how my friends started to call me in my everyday life Elisfa and that sounded better than my last name that they called me untill then. My poor economic situation didn't let me work with someone who can sew the clothes that I design, so I took the first sewing lessons and I created my first dress, which I signed as elisfa! That made me realize that fashion was my destiny and if I'd ever had my own brand it would be named as elisfa.


Make a contemporary lifestyle look glamourous

The Ideal Customer:

The ideal customer who will love my designs is someone that wants to feel comfortable, stylish and ready for every occasion any time of the day. Whatever I design has a feeling of a contemporary sense, something you see and makes a great impression, but in reality is not something you would never wear because it is very heavy in the eyes. My ideal customers are those who are not affraid to wear a black jumpsuit with their heavy booties and a great hat during the day and they will continue by hitting a bar with the same outfit or by changing only their shoes. I love colors but I hope you like black white and golden because those are the three colors that complete my palette and use them in most of my designs. I love patterns too and I love seing women dare with patterns and wear them in their everyday lives.

The Theme of my Collection:

What makes my collection special is the different designs that introduce to the market. Right now in Greece there is a vintage wave of style that make many people like me feel that they can not find what they want with a walk through the fashion stores. So the theme of my collection is not vintage at all, it is kind of minimal, androgynous and ethnic in the same way. People should consider their style as a manner of creating art, so they should use more their imagination and not see the garment alone but through the garment should see everything they could do with it and with what they could suit it so they could wear it in every occasion.


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