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elio.inspired: Baltic amber jewelry


I already have an exsisting Facebook page, but was really clueless about what to do (but now I do, thanks to your lecture!!) I have only just uploaded a cover page, as taught and advised. (I have lived in China for 8 years, and Facebook is banned there, so honestly, I am only just re-learning about Facebook itself. I only just learned what a Share was)

**I did not post on my page often, since I was unsure about what to write about... But I see now how important this is, so I will ensure that I will be on top of this. However, I have been posting photos of new stock whenever I get them. Any suggestions on what else I can post about? Is it ok to post about my baby, family life, or should I stick to business stuff?

I also did raffles and store sales. Very minimal interest.

Mentioned in class was Facebook apps... where can I find them? Are they to be purchased?

You will find my page here: https://www.facebook.com/Elioinspired

These are pages I admire, although not all are selling Baltic amber jewelry:

https://www.facebook.com/ZippyHippieMama?fref=ts  -- I admire how she engages with people. She's so witty and always posts interesting things

https://www.facebook.com/SayWhatCreations  -- Never a boring post! She talks about her day, she has a fan of the week, she has a raffle every Wednesday. It's a very exciting page

Really looking forward to your feedback. I might have the greenest horn around here and need much guidance.

Thanks in advance,



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