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@elinestolp challenge accepted!

This class came to me at the perfect time. I'm on instagram since a year now and I'm gradually building my creating habit also, behind the scenes for now, an etsy shop. But my following is stuck at 120 and half exitsts of kids I teach art to in school. They're great but probalbly not the ones who will lead to commissions or sales in the near future. In this project I'll keep a little log of the progress and effects during the two week challenge. So here we go!

START feb 1  (125 ->136 followers)

1. PROFILE. I changed my profile picture first. I used to use a black-and-white vector profile of my head as picture but nobody who does not already know me would recognise me. I now have a warm, open, kind picture (I hope) :) 
That already led to a little boost in followers - I am sorry I did not take a followers-screenshot right before but only just now, at the evening of the first day of the challenge - but yesterday (jan 31) I was still somewhere around 125 followers like I have been since, I don't know, two months? 

2. POST DAILY. I used to post 3 times per week. I juggle a teaching job, illustration commissions, two young kids (2y and 4y) and half a burnout simultaniously but still find time to work in my sketchbook almost daily and I really enjoy being on instagram. I love love love the interactions and the inspiration.  So I'll challenge myself to post daily AND create daily. It'll be part of my self care habit! 

3. COMMENT. I already started to comment on others posts more frequently. I plan to build in a few moments a day to actively do some comment-frenzies, because in this busy life I really need time away from the screen in between those moments. 

4. HASHTAG. Today I really loved all the interactions after posting my first picture with the #ohnmarigchallenge - all of the participants backing each other up and liking and commenting, it made me so happy and ignited - and sure enough this bigger attention led to even more exposure. 

5. PLAN AHEAD. So, here's a tip I think everyone in the challenge can benefit from:

I started using the app 'Later' to schedule posts for the coming week. You can then type all the captions beforehand and copy hashtags and easily re-use them and keep them sorted in groups.  You can also get a preview of pictures that are yet to be posted, a 'stream mock up' I guess describes it best. I find this really handy! 

To wrap it up: here's my screenshot of 1 february: 


Good luck to all in the challenge! 
And a huge thank you to you, Ohn Mar, for this class and the challenge! <3

UPDATE feb 3 (136->138 followers)

Hi all, just a few notes to log what's going on... 

1. STATISTICS. I changed to a business profile and within a week (last night in my case) I got insight in the times my followers are most active on instagram. Now I finally really know what the best times are to post. Yesterday I posted at 12am and was a bit dissapointed with the reach, but then that evening I saw my followers are all more active at 9pm. So I'm gonna change the times in my planning app LATER to see what difference that makes. Fingers crossed! 

2. STORIES. When I notices yesterdays post didn't do so well I decided to throw in a Story in the evening. Me and my colleagues were preparing for my school's open house and we had the tables set with drawing materials and little prompts. I used the stop motion option to shoot all the tables and have the text staying at the same place over it. Let's see how much traffic that'll draw.

UPDATE 10 feb (138>175 followers) 

Four days left!!! I'm loving every day of the challenge :) 

1. ROBOT FOLLOWERS. As you can see above, my following got a little explosion but unfortunately a lot of them are fake accounts.  I got like 20 of them whithin 24 hours. My phone kept glowing up. They're all german accounts focussed on pictures with themes that occur in my artwork and hashtags. Like sea animals, galaxy, moon, workspaces etc.  It got me a bit agitated at first, but they can do no harm, can they?

2. BIO. I noticed I get quite a lot account views but not many of the human visitors stay to follow. I think there must me something in my bio that I can improve, but cannot figure out what. I Need Your Feedback guys. I'll ask this in the community section as well, and tomorrow I'll ask the same to the IG public. 

3. GIVEAWAY. I want to end these weeks with a BLAST and am planning a giveaway for the last post coming wednesday. Keep posted :) 


UPDATE 16 feb (175 > 181 followers)

Aaaaand we're done! 
This is my last update in this project. 

1. Good news: The robot followers left soon after my last update so I fell back to 160 followers. 

2. BIO: I got some good feedback from Patrice and Ohn Mar which helped to rewrite it in a more personal way. 

3. Giveaway: This was absolute fun! I put way to much time in the post but it was worth it anyway cause I did my best to make it look good and spectactular and creative :) I got lots of comments and another jump in followers which brings the final number to 181! 

I still have to experience the work of sorting through the comments and pick a winner but that's for tomorrow. 

I'll continue to post daily and to accept challenges regularly. I love the connections I have made though this one! Thanks Ohn Mar, to join us together in this :)  <3





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