$elah! the $tory Gal

Hello All!

My name is Selah Says. I've enjoyed reading through all of your projects, they've helped me solidify my ideas, and I am very excited to see how everyone's project pans out!  As a means to ground the concept for my lookbook, I've been thinking of a storyline for it. 

I love stories!

I love how the author has the ability to create a world in which one is immersed in for the duration of the reading experience.

I love stories--I love seeing how things pan out in the end and the journey to get there.

I love stories--I love seeing how characters interact with each other whether it's for their elevation or detriment--experiencing a story is a very exhilirating process for me

With my love of stories in mind, I want to bring that feel to the viewers of my lookbook. With photography, and specifically within the confines of this project, I have the unique opportunity to completely rebrand a local skate shop with no inhibitions or limitations. Thankfully, I have the wonderful suggestion of our teacher to use the rule of thirds to narrow down all the awesomeness floating in my head into focused objectives for this shoot.

I’m still mulling over the exact storyline for my shoot, but as an avid Sci-Fi fan, I’m sure my lookbook concept will have elements of that genre in it. For the time being, I’ve narrowed my looks down to three terms:

-Mystical Chic - Chic in the way it's presented + mystical ambiance

-Repetition - Repetition of forms, shapes, colors, etc

-Altered Reportage - Photojournalist style w/ some extras

I've included  some images below that give a feel of where I'm headed.

I hope all is well.



Final and Thangs....


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