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Coffee Table BEFORE:

Coffee Table AFTER:

I live in a 850 sq ft hunting cabin.  My roots run deep.  Being fourth generation to reside on the ranch that nestles the humble abode, myself, partner, 6 yr old son & soon to be sibling (due 04/29) cozy up in a simple, rustic style.  The photo I have chosen captures the spirit of the easy, family friendly style I hope to achieve in my home; an overall rustic feel with a splash of vintage and a hint of modern design.  The space is open and bright, functioning as a kitchen/dining space.  The color palette is natural and inviting, with splashes of red, blue and yellow to add energy and inspiration.  Daffodils, cut flowers, and fresh greenery add texture of the space, as well as bring the outside in.  The choice of handmade pottery provides repetition and shape to lend visual interest.  Bling finds itself in the form of the aluminum tea kettle and texture in the kitty (though personally I would never allow mine to reside on my dining table).  There are a mix of stripes to provide pattern on the dishtowel and curtain below the sink.  Placement is provided by the arrangement of art and pottery on the shelves above the fireplace.  

This is the before shot of bed/nursery.  This room holds the coveted one and only inch of built-in storage space...a closet!  We just recently experimented with the crates as bookshelves/nightstand in order to accomodate the bassinet for our newest addition.

Here are the bookshelves before.  I have stacked them trying in order to go vertical in our small and limited space.

This is an antique bamboo coffee table from a great aunt.  The history is sentimental and I treasure it dearly.  It sits in the middle of the living space, functioning as a coffee table/desk/footrest/lego building center/crafting table/you name it.

This console/antique bakers cupboard is my favorite piece of multi-functional storage.  It holds art supplies, file cabinet & paper work for household business, among other various essentials for our home.  It was lovingly refurbished by my grandmother, pregnant with his first born and thus another treasured family heirloom.

And finally the before sofa...

And there it is.  We are recently decided to invest in a new sofa and have craiglisted our current sofa and are in the works of purchasing a new one.   Photos to come....


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