egg shell art

egg shell art - student project

egg shell art - image 1 - student project

so... I covered an old out-of-date textbook cover with eggshells... I do not have any Gesso and I do not have very many art supplies at the moment, so I had to use what was on hand... which was wood glue, black spray paint and glitter glue... The wood glue did a really good job of gluing the egg shells to the book! But it is an ugly yellow color. Maybe next time, I will mix the glue with the paint and then use it to glue to shells down! After everything was glued and dried, I spray painted it all with black. After that all dried, I started sanding - and sanding - and sanding. The problems I ran into here was, the sanding took the spray paint off the glue instead of off the eggshells and revealed the ugly yellow glue... The sanding also started taking off chunks of eggshell revealing the book cover underneath. Ugh. And the more I sanded, the less the eggshells turned back to white and the more the ugly yellow glue showed. So - I stopped sanding at this point and thought it would be fun to cover everything with gold glitter glue and red glitter glue... Ya... It is NOT anything like what the project should be, but in a way, I kinda like how it turned out for my first attempt! And now I have a very unique art journal cover!