effortless apparel Clothing Tag

effortless apparel Clothing Tag - student project


My choice for a hand lettered label was the clothing brand I've been working on for the past few years, effortless apparel. I print limited run t-shirts using a combination of screen printing, hand dyeing, painting with dye and fabric paint, and bleaching. I prefer a look in my designs to have an obvious hand in their look and I feel a label done in this same manner would do nothing but help. To that end I've created the following mood board to show some existing logos and labels I find inspirational, as well as some prints and designs that are reminescent of my work and early thumbnails for an eventual design.

effortless apparel Clothing Tag - image 1 - student project



Below you can see some more sketch work being laid out for the project as I feel out ideas.

effortless apparel Clothing Tag - image 2 - student project

Once I had a direction laid out for the text I began playing with the layout of the actual tag itself. Was it to be sewn on? A hang tag, perhaps? What shape should I go in? 

effortless apparel Clothing Tag - image 3 - student project

After a few more rounds of doodles and sketches I nailed down a few shapes to try, and it became time to play with the letterforms. I quickly decided on a all-cap serif text to offset the lowercase script of the logo, and after a few more last minute shape ideas was ready to flesh something out.

effortless apparel Clothing Tag - image 4 - student project

Below is a close up of the final three choices I have for my tag. My personal preference is for the top tag. I plan to burn a screen tomorrow night and attempt to screen print it on a garment. Updates to follow.

effortless apparel Clothing Tag - image 5 - student project