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editorial illustration - police lie under oath

UPDATE - 03/21

Okee dokee, so I've been working on CONCEPT #1. The concept is an ominous looking police officer holding up a mask. Here's my work in progress. 

I found a stock image on getty to use as a silhouette of my officer.

And I also found a very spooky looking guy for a face. you can see here where I've started outlining shapes in Illustrator.

Here's all my outlines. You can also see where I've attempted to add the hand holding the mask.

I then imported it into photoshop and applied a bunch of photocopy textures to the whole thing. I wanted the figure to look really dark with just some shading to give it some shape. I also used the image of the spooky face to give the face more detail.

I think its looking pretty cool. I do worry that the face is almost too scary looking. But I suppose that's the concept. I have to work on the mask and the hand holding it. Also need to add his badge on his shirt. And then I want to play with a spot color or something. 

Here's a mask I was trying out. The face is from a baseball card I found on the library of congress image site. I feel like the mask needs to be jolly-er or more smiley. Right now don't think the concept is coming through.

One more image. Here's what homeboy looks like without a face. You can also see the outlines of the badge and hand where I haven't added any shading or anything.

Anyway, any feedback/ideas appreciated. Questions I'm asking myself: Should I lose the face? Is the concept coming together? Should I do the mask photographic/graphic or should I try something more hand-drawn looking? Should I add artwork/texture into the background?


Alright, a little behind schedule here. But here's my thumbnails. I've got about seven ideas here. I think a couple of them are working. 


This would be a shadowy silhouette of a police officer holding a mask. I like this, but maybe feel like I've seen it done before?


This is a police officer covering their mouth with their hand. But their hand has a mouth on it too. Could look cool, but the meaning is a little ambiguous I think.


This idea would be a jury box, with the graph paper from a lie detector feeding out the top. The second iteration has the squiggles forming a symbol, like a question mark. Not sure if it needs the extra concept on top of the concept. But maybe it makes it more clever? I think this is one of my faves.


This idea is dfferent speach bubbles making weapons. Implying police use thier lies as another tool.

Which led me to this idea.

Which could be cool I think, but also seems less original. I feel like I have seen speech bubbles a lot, and I have seen them make a shape of something bigger. But maybe that doesn't matter.


This would be a shelf full of different talking mouths. A hand is taking one of the mouths off the shelf. This is my other favorite concept.



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