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editing with intention

this is a picture i took in downtown tempe of my friend Alison, it was a little bit underexposed but I wanted to see if I could make something decent of it.

first of all, my image straight out of the camera, RAW (but exported through LR as a jpeg since skillshare doesn't support raw uploads)


messed around with the basic tools for a little while, and exposed the shot to where I wanted to work with it. next, I'll work on the tones


wasn't quite happy with the colors yet, so i color toned the shadows/highlights, added some contrast, and added a bit of fade


I wanted lots of contrast to give it that gritty feel, and i added some grain for that effect as well. desaturating, and contrast increasing, the image in my mind made it look a lot more dramatic, and really placed emphasis on the effect the lighting has on the subject, casting the shadows and whatnot.

lastly, the cool purple/blues seemed to compliment the subtle green of Alison's dress nicely, so that's what I pursued. I left the image a little cool to give you a bit of that unsettling feeling, exemplifying the dark of the night i guess.

thanks for the great class dude, and hit me up on insta @noahdglynn or vsco @noahglynn if you feel like it. you're a big inspiration, and I appreciate your honesty and desire to share your talents. i really look to follow in your authenticity and the way you approach your photography, making it about the aesthetic and technique rather then the numbers or what other people are doing

any feedback/criticism (criticism especially, that's what makes you better) is totally welcome, from anyone.

noah d. glynn


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