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earth laughs in flowers

My quote is 'earth laughs in flowers'

My mom and I own a florist, and just this year started a small flower farm. We will be moving into our new studio on the farm soon, and I thought this quote would be perfect as a poster.  I think it will be a positive reminder to think positively and look at things in a different light.

I'm inspired by flower/plant diagrams and seed packets. I want it light and pretty. Something to make us stay positive when looking at it. I hope to really capture the essence of laughing with the typeface. I love vines and script for the 'flowers'.

Here are some pics of my process:

I liked doing these explorations. It really made me think about different ways to portray a word.

I liked how the word laugh turned out with the little leaves. So i knew I wanted to incorporate it into my drawing. I explored different ways to show a bounty anf joy of life through flowers.

These were two of my more refined ideas. I decided to go with the first one because it just felt more alive and illustrated the quote of laughter through the movement and flow of the words. I really liked the idea of illustrating the word earth kind of like a sun and making it seem to be rising.

Experimenting with inking!

I am happy with the way it turned out. It sure took so much more time than I ever expected!


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