eadesign.co... a working design portfolio, revisions/semantic markup

eadesign.co... a working design portfolio, revisions/semantic markup - student project


Ive begun the css journey, and am starting to unerstand page layouts... I am having trouble centering my navigation bar and the logo, but perhaps thats a video in the future?

So I've added some semantic markup and have tried to organize my portflio into subsections via an unordered, nested list.  How do you go about attaching a pdf document to a page?  I suppose it's a link of some sort?  I still have some ways to go in watching tutorials but how do you create an image that serves as a navigation link (I would like to make image buttons for the "about" and "work" links...

I've also changed the colors and line weight in my logo but am having trouble uploading it to the project cover photo, you can see it on my revised sub directory of my website though

So I am still fairly new to the world of designing websites.  For the past two years I have been teaching myself design software in the hopes that I can create a portfolio and worm my way into an internship somewhere. I am at the point where I would like to be able to update a website whenever I create something new, and have something online that firms and individuals can access.  Moreso, I would like to say that I created this website myself, and have some experience in front end development.

I started building my own website back in January of this year via the book HTML & CSS, and became sidetracked once I began to teach myself the CSS part and purchasing a domaine etc.  However, I am hoping with some direction, a schedule, and a human being who I can refer to that I can make this website happen in the near future!  I need to do a little more organizing and would love any comments or suggestions from anyone.  

I want a clean and simple website that provides necessary information for a portfolio such as my work, contact, and some info about myself.  The layout of the individual pages and the site itself are very up in the air for me since I have no previous knowledge and have been teaching myself this stuff alone and at home.  This is where I currently am in the process... (see link provided above) and thank you!