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Spafford Ackerly

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eMarketing Wisdom - Alignment of Marketing Strategies and Core Values

I've never felt worse than when compromising my values to market a product.

I've never felt better than when values and sales are aligned.

At one time, education and marketing seemed like oil and water - now it seems that they can't be separated. Business and personal growth are two sides of a coin.

My project is to provide tools for aligning inner values and outer marketing/business vision.


I have put together a compilation of videos under 8 separate headings, that bridge the world of personal growth and business/marketing.

The videos are all open source, the 'course' is free, the 'teachers' are my mentors. The intended audience:

Tthe course is for anyone starting a new career or business but especially for young people who are embarking on this journey, but with an interest in serving others in some way, and in 'being the change they wish to see in the world'.

I would love your help in developing this course. Write me a note - I would love to share some of my obstacles and get some feedback from other students in this course.

Thanks! Spafford Ackerly


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