eGG-one school - a marketplace for private lessons

One year ago, with 4 friends, we created school.egg-one.com  : a french marketplace for private lessons of video games. We started with the famous game Starcraft 2 and we released 3 other games 6 months later : League of Legends, CS:GO and Dota2.

We built our website for one domain and didn't expect its success. Here are some screenshots :

The homepage :

The profile page :

Now, as we want our platform to be international and cross domain (not only video games but also languages, mathematics, video making and why not private lessons for wireframing ...), we would like to improve the interface.

There are 3 main challenges :

  1. Choosing the domain
  2. Displaying availabilities (coaches choose their availabilities when their students can book)
  3. Choosing the best coach possible

Here are our three mockups (note that the new name of the website will be weezdom.com) :

The landing page :

The search page :

and the profile page :

Feel free to ask if you want to receive our mockups.

We would be gland to have your feedbacks !


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