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Alaa Hassan

The Most Passionate eCommerce Advisor



eCommerce Hackers - A Conversion Rate Optimization Agency

With 13+ years of online selling experience, I finally decided to launch my agency to help other entrepreneurs achieve success selling on the Internet.

When I launched it around 1.5 years ago, I offered all sorts of services from online strategy, website reviews to online marketing & social media.  

I successfully acquired many clients and currently manage over 14 of them.  But I decided to change my focus since what I was offering wasnt' really unique and I was replaceable by anyone, competitor or in-house employees.

Many businesses are constantly trying to get more traffic, more fans, more likes yet, they are not fully maximizing results from what they currently have going on for them.

I decided to help companies by optimizing their conversion rates without having them spend more money on marketing.  I want them to get the most out of their current efforts.  I want to better their marketing


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