e-Passport Strategy

e-Passport Strategy - student project

Branding Strategy Draft


  • To brand a certifiable e-Passport that is attractive and meaningful to travelers.


  • People who are young, energetic, and have a passion for trying new things. These are the types of people who like to shine, express themselves, and would have no problem introducing themselves to someone they don’t know from another culture.
  • People who love to tell stories about their travels
  • People who aren’t paranoid about government conspiracies, particularly the foreign government that they are entering


  • People are willing to think of their passport as part of their identity
  • People love documenting their travels when abroad
  • People are afraid of losing their passports
  • People like being in the know
  • People relate more to you if you’re a person than if you are a company/government/establishment

Key idea

  • The e-Passport allows you to broadcast your location to your friends, and upload photo collages and status updates.
  • Once you enter a country you can immediately access the e-Passport profiles of that country’s head of tourism and American Consulate General, who will act as “guides” for travel tips, embassy help, and language services. You can even get local warning updates in case the area that you are traveling in is an unsafe area.  
  • The e-Passport is password protected, encrypted, and exists in the cloud. You can access it from any smart phone.


  • Most people leave their passport in their hotel safe while they walk around
  • More knowledgeable travelers are happier travelers
  • “Your identity should never be locked away. It should be expressed and can open doors for you and your friends.”

3-Word Personality

  • Worldly
  • Accessible
  • Spontaneous


1. In one year, what do you want your brand to be known for?

Helping people connect, get access to places all over the world, and share their travels. Also, for others to learn about new places everyday from their friends.

2. The people who love your brand most care about:
Exploring new places or things and sharing it with friends.

3. Your brand is NOT:
Just a more convenient way to use your passport.

4. Above all else, your brand stands for:

Your identity is too meaningful/important to be locked away and not expressed, especially when you’re abroad.