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Jeannie Hunt

Artist and Bookmaking Teacher



ducks in a row | ducks in a circle

At first, I wasn't getting a perfect pattern and couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong...


Then I watched the first demo video again and realized the problem. I changed the scale to 50% and here is my first pattern--stripes of ducks marching in opposite directions...Not very exciting, but for a total beginner, the excitement is in the process, not the outcome. 


Next I needed to find a contrast. Instead of ducks in a row, I tried putting 4 ducks in a circle (beak to beak).

Now my "dot" was bigger and more complex.


Now, more interesting negative spaces appeared. Here it is bleow. The white wings now appear like googly eyes and the ducks are barely visible, unless you look for them.


Lastly, I tried moving every other stripe of "circled ducks" to the right, by a distance of 1 duck. Here it is below:



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