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dry spell


My hand cups her breast with eager intensity. 

"You want to see where the world is going to end right?" 

"mmmff now!?" my teeth graze nipple as I look up into fathomless black eyes.

"It's so close - can't you hear it?" she twists out of my grasp so quickly a panic seizes my groin.  

"Ah c'mon!" I snatch at the white tee before it displaces second-base-steal-to-home with an almost certain onset of blue balls.

"what are you talking about!? its just a little heat lightning and some thunder!  It's not even gonna rain! What the fuck?" 

Ok, ok, back it up. 

Play nice.  Harmless grin.  Easy does it. 

"C'mere 'Mi-randy-randa'. I just want to hold YOU 'til the world ends" 


I'm hobbling after her with a hard on flailing like a drunk octopus as she recedes into prairie blackness.

"Can't you hear the drums . . . " her voice is drowned by the low rumble of dry thunder.  

I throw forked curses at her back,  "What the hell you crazy spic/indian half breed!  I'm gonna pound the sense back into you dragging me to the middle of nowhere. Stupid bitch!"

She whirls around hair covering her face.  

Heart in my throat. "shit".

Suddenly I notice mist rising from the quarry behind her. 

"It's boiling. The water below, it started last week." she throws back the curtain of hair and I see a soft gaze rather than a hard glare.  

"My mother told me it would happen  . . . the bubbling and rumbling like a hungry stomach . . . I mean she said a lot of strange stuff before she died, but I don't think she is crazy anymore  Mira! Look!' 

"Oh babe, look its been hard for you, but really there's gotta be a logical explanation."

Possibly salvageable. Maybe only slightly mental.

I notice the vibrations echoing from the quarry in a disturbingly cadenced rhythm.

She takes my hand "This is the mouth of God, it has a heartbeat." 

"What the hell did you smoke freak show?!" I toss it away like a piece of rancid meat.

"You think you can ignore it?  Look!  Listen!  We are on the edge.  The rebirth is within us.  My brother comes from the war a ghost, ashamed having killed for no one, for nothing. But me, I have a purpose!"

"Look I don't know what kinda crazy you got going on but I'm not sticking around if you're gonna keep this up."  

"So I'm crazy huh - a crazy horny bitch like my mother, right! A migrant piece of pussy to roll over with your John Deer RIGHT???!!"  

Back up. 

"Necahual I am called; the one left behind."  She is a panther, a minx of black and steel.

"yeah  . . . " step, step, step - BOLT!

Biting grass, tangles, twisting ankles, not fast enough.  Not nearly . . .

Her hand cups my breast as the blade penetrates.  Thunder reverberates over the plain, tumbling like a bass drum. 

Ribs open, soaking us with a final sudden downpour.


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