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drunk bunnys


First of all, thanks for taking the time to check out my project! Any insight as to how I can improve my work is always appreciated and taken to heart. With that said, I'll start by showing you my moodboard and explain my thinking. 

These were elements I had as part of my mood board. I was really digging the dark colors of the Hoboknife illustration, but also was intruiged by the whimsical light spring colors of the bunny illustration. 

My first two color studies were dark, and didn't really capture the spirit of the quote for me. I got to thinking and grew to enjoy the idea of a juxtaposition between light whimsical colors and a semi-vulgar quote. 

After a few spring color studies I decided to limit my color pallete to the following based off of this sweet illustration I found.


Below is my favorite option I have come up with. I am curious if you have any insights as to how I can improve my peice before adding textures. All comments are much appreciated :) Thank you very much. 



Hey Everyone! In this latest version, I was able to add some texture and adjust colors! 


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