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drowsy afternoon

Yay! I finished the project! Feeling so good. Thx MaJo!!


#7. Final Touches

The selected design was developed in different color ways - pink and green. Recoloring artwork really helped! My spoonflower constest entry is here: http://www.spoonflower.com/fabric/2170353



#6. Case Study

I don't think my design is too complicated, but illustrator keeps crashing - I had to try it a thousand times ioi


#5. All about Repeats

I really enjoyed the pattern making function. It was very convenient to edit motifs and play with its arrangements. I loved it, but the only problem was that some of tiling lines did not go away >:-( 


#4. All about Motifs 

#3. Final Sketch 

#2. Screenshot

I started not from my hand-drawing, but shapes in illustrator. Initial designs were developed from some keywords such as "quilt", "parasol", "teapot", etc. I love using blob bush tool and natrual effects it creates. Will play with it a bit more <3  

#1. Inspiration

I interpreted a picnic as outdoor comfort time and added faded/worn out feelings to it. The inspiration mostly came from keywords "nature" and "playing hourse".


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