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dreams + stars


I think I'm slowly getting a better visual that I want to work with.

Spunk, the fish captain who sails/flies his bucket ship thru the treachorous skies.  He's dreaming BIG alright...so BIG, it's scary.  = )

my sketches:

some more images I found: 


1) Lettering excerise

- I chose the word DREAM from my phrase.  Wanted to incorporate the retro crystal stars that I found on Day 1.  Think that fits better then the cockles/dials font I found while researching steampunk.  

 2) Sketches

- Handheld compass, maps, stars...flight, travel, wind, telescope, candles...hope.  

(whew...looks like I'm not the only person who's attending class late...  Here's what I got so far...)

My chosen phrase:

>> If your dreams don't scare you they're not big enough. <<

When I think of this phrase, I think of all the wonders of our imagination.  Sometimes you really have to knock it way out of the park to really impress yourself (ie. "go big or go home").  Big ambitions - sometimes you just go to be fearless and go for it.  

This phrase conjures up a steampunk setting.  In the air surrounded by clouds with retro elements of stars, telescopes, vintage maps with a dirigible-ship/hotair balloon subject flying through space.  I chose the setting because it defies logic yet it has roots in the Industrial Revolution where all kinds of inventions were taking on life.  


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