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dope rusticity

hey, guys, i live in Lakeland, FL but for this project i was visiting my hometown McMinnville, TN. i recently developed a new style of photography that i call dope rusticity. it is the street style of photography mixed with rustic, vintage, and natural visuals. the song i chose to pair with my project was "dust" by hans zimmer, and i'm not gonna lie, the song "soliloquy" by isaiah rashad sparked a bit of an influence as well, seeing as though i was in his hometown for some of the project. this is a very new style to me, so i would love some honest feedback. what do you guys think? should i stick with this style?

1. framed image- i realize it does not have any kind of architecture in it but i was not around much architecture when creating this project. thought it was still kinda dope though

2. vanishing point

3. candid portrait- this is actually my grandfather, although it was candid

4. not your typical action shot but i thought it had tons of energy. and you can see me in his eyes. 

thanks for looking at my project, guys, and i welcome any and all feedback/criticism. let me know if this style is worth keeping. and if you'd like, you can follow me on ig as @dream.haven. there, you can see all my images as a hobbyist photographer and as a wedding/portrait photographer as well. 


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