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doodles (leaves, plants, organics, flowers, botanicals)

I'm looking on books with organics, flowers & botanicals as my inspiration or references. Then anything that comes up in my mind even it's so wonky donky, I put in my sketchpad. But I wanted to learned and put all my doodles to patterned. I'm having hard time putting many colors and repeating the designs (but I'm working on it very hard to come up good). I'm thinking I will start to two or three colors. I love black and white. 

Below are my doodles recently in my sketchpad:

I'm still working & transferring all of these in Illustrator. 

These are what I came up. A very, very simple pattern and colors. Sorry if I'm too late to complete and reply coz I'm so busy lately. I enjoyed and learned so many things on this class. I will try my best and practice more to get the beauty of surface pattern. I have a very hard time doing the patterns but little by little, I get all the concepts, ideas & techniques. Addicting too making patterns. Thank you so much Bonnie! 


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