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done is better than perfect

The image is from my last skillshare class, lettering. Seems a fitting phrase for this class, too.

update:  COLLECT(1.3.14)

I had purchased todo for ipad, iphone and probably mac quite a while ago, but just can't seem to get into it. After looking at the videos for Things, todoist, and others, as well as promo for new todo coming soon, the problem is clear. There are too many things to look at, and I don't need stars, focus, etc to add complexity. For me, what's next. just show that and let me delve deeper if needed (multiple layers) and by kind of project (which is the next step of Organize).

Ideally, there will be ways of adding checklists for projects that happen every month; for example, a type of study with a checklist for receive content, receive art, deliver pdf, develop html, add form code, add keywords etc, to make sure all the details are covered. Also, the program would send out a reminder if something isn't met -- like "hey, this project is montly but nothing been checked off yet. time to contact the provider." 

Today I realized I don't have to find the perfect thing, that can be a project in the future. So todoist is installed on my computer and if it works well it will go on all my devices. So far the ease of ctl+shft+a is making is super easy to pop in list items. Better to get started than wait for the "perfect" solution.

update PROCESSING (1.7.14)

- reviewed list to make next actions

- made some projects

- little confused about how I can use areas of responsibility. I read a few samples online and how other people are using todoist. Will table this until later, once I've gone through the other videos and used the todo list for a little bit.

Right now I have to keep focused on getting my terms/workflow working or I'll spend the next month picking out a program instead of actually getting anything done (they're so shiny!)


update: ORGANIZING and REVIEWING (1.11.14)

Have viewed processing and organizing videos multiple times. still having trouble.

I've been organizing my existing install of evernote, moving the items in there to new system. I'm still confused about the purpose of areas in evernote: does it just hold notes? some notes in references relate to areas, so I'm trying to figure out if I put it in an area if it's only about that, but then references that have to do with more than 1 area get put in references... will I remember how to find it? I do tag notes as much as I can. Really I suppose things could only be in 1 of 3 "containers" so I should be able to find stuff quickly but I'd like to not have to think about where I might find a thing so I don't accidently have similar things in 2 places. For example, I have client projects and client references (like the bits that are applicable across projects) -- those go in "areas" under "clients" with tags for each client name (plus the note is named with the specific reference). But when I'm collecting samples of things for a specific client/project in mind I will probably put in their project folder until the project is complete, but then if I might want to reference it again (color schemes) does it go in my area of "learning/seeing/doing" or into a refence of something like "design resources"? Some things are references both for work and personal. So I think I'm confusing myself unnecessarily but I just cannot wrap my head around it.



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