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doctor Who quote

step 1: Get to know your brush pen

markers used are a purple tombow (it's starting to fray a bit...) and a sharpie brush pen (love those!)


step 2: practice your letters


Step 3: Let's write words!

I'm having trouble writting "the doctor" it's not coming out the way i want it.  it seems  the more i practice the worst my quote gets....maybe my hand's getting tired?



Step 4: write your phrase!

Here's my final quote.  i like it.  it could use some flourishes but i think i'm gonna scan it and print it out to pratice the flourishes (i don't want to ruin the original...) i used a Sharpie marker with the brush tip. oh yeah. i hadn't drawn lines which is why "themselves" is a bit crooked. but i can probably fix that in Illustrator


Any suggestions are welcome! 


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