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do more of what you love. I'll do the rest.

I am a Virtual Business Manager to creative type business owners.

Main body of landing page with call to action:

I know. I hear it all time time. "This [social media/invoicing/email list] isn't fueling my passion! There has to be a way to get back to what I LOVE doing!" And, in fact, there is. See, some of us [me!] totally dig those systems and processes that make you want to poke your eye out with a spoon. Really, I'm kinda a geek about it. 

So, do you need to:

spend time with your clients 
(making $) instead of the back end of your biz?
answer your emails 
but you have no idea when you'll have time?
keep up with your schedule 
& make it work for you...not the other way around?
manage that pesky client database 
but just the idea of that bores you to tears?
bounce your growing list 
of business ideas off of a pro?
provide exceptional customer service
 so they come back again & again?

totally. i need that. >>>>>>>


do you need to:

find a way to take all of those great ideas 
and finally follow through on them?
see yourself as a leader 
in life and in business, but you just aren't feeling it?
find joy in what you do even if it means doing something completely new?

change your lifestyle but you don't know how or where to begin?
stop all of that negative talk and see how awesome you really are?
take it (life, love, biz) to the next level?

yup. that's me.  >>>>>>>

Sidebar with more passive calls to action and info on me:



do more of what you love

I work with incredible coaches, teachers, and business ownersto create more space, time, and freedom to do what they love. You are in the business of helping and healing others, so why not carve out a little bit for yourself? Do what you love, and do more of itevery day. That's where I come in.



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