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So I'm writing this after Module 2 - and I am a freelancer it turns out :-)

My business is called 'dinkylune' (it's an anagram of my name) and I'm hoping that this course will help me solidify some of the thinking around what the business will look like and what I will offer as part of that. The business model generation bit up front has certainly helped a little, but I still need to refine the actual products that I will develop and how I will market them - nitty gritty details.

At the moment I make and sell jewellery, but this is not going to be the main part of the business, it's just something I really enjoy doing. The main part of the business will include writing articles and books, speaking, coaching and training - all centred around the experiences and lessons from My Year of TED (www.kyliedunn.com) and focused around helping people become more authentic.

Assets - my websites, local market stalls, the jewellery (and the stock to make it), my books

What's hard - marketing

What's unique - at the moment the jewellery, but I don't expect that to last because it's not difficult to copy it to a degree. The content of my books, courses etc. will always be somewhat unique since they are based on my experiences. So whilst the message is something that a lot of people talk about, I went through a very unique process to implement authenticity in my life and learn more about what it means.


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