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dinkylune is the new business that I have started to try to realise my Why. I spent a year doing a personal development project that I created, based on TED Talks, called My Year of TED -http://www.kyliedunn.com.

Throughout that process I was finally able to understand my authentic self and how I want to contribute to the world. I have developed a manifesto for this - because, well why not.

For dinkylune the manifesto is {design.make.create.} which involves the things that I create, but more importantly it involves developing resources and providing people with the inspiration to do this for themselves - {design.make.create.} beautiful things but more importantly the life that they want.

I have just published my first ebook to help other people find their Why - it's called 30 Days of Drive and is based on Activity 6 from My Year of TED. Book page on my blog has all the different store links


For me personally, the three words I chose near the beginning of My Year of TED were {do.share.inspire.} and that is how I have been living my life for the last two years.

My Commandment

Ummm.... this is a lot harder than I thought it would be, especially while I'm being distracted by work. I'll put some more thought into it tonight and see how I go. The problem that I'm having is aligning this to popular culture, I'm sure there is so much out there but my brain just isn't going in the right direction. 

REVISION - I've been thinking about this a lot and my commandment needs to be something related to the Wizard of Oz. I think that something opposite to the "If I only had..." and what better line that Glinda's "You've always had the power to go back to Kansas." To be more universal:

  • You always have everything you need.

My mnemonic device

Okay, so the final lesson helped a bit (did anyone else have problems with the buffering of this, I almost lost my mind watching three of the videos, the second one was fine), anyway I digress.

When I was doing My Year of TED I found an alignment to the Wizard of Oz, I think that this still works for changing my experience into my business - but I will work on it a little more. 

UPDATE: I have been working on my mnemonic device and I think that I have something to reveal to you all now. It will probably continue to evolve and grow, as these things do. I hope that you like it - I've also put it on my site as a PDF - in case this isn't clear enough. It's at the bottom of the about page.

This is the device that I will use for my business - it is more of the dinkylune manifesto:

The image below is the mnemonic for my business rules and commandments. It has the same inspiration, and again there is a PDF you can download at the bottom of the about page 


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