desert vista

desert vista - student project

I loved this class, it was fun! I didn't have any of the suggested materials (I used filbert and round brushes, different paint colors, and kids craft paper haha), but I was so intrigued by this pretty desertscape that I decided to try anyway. I found the instruction to be very clear and learned great tips about color mixing and contouring, as well as how to make shadows and highlights. I liked the layering style (color blocking first, then details), which made the whole thing a lot less intimidating for me. 

My colors and contour lines got a little too messy/chaotic but I can definitely see a lot of progression here so that's exciting! :) It would be helpful to see the original reference photo - I see the painting reference but couldn't find the photo reference anywhere and I think it's referred to a few times. 

One random issue I found myself having is that my paint was drying so quickly, like as soon as I'd mix up a decent amount of a new color and apply it, the stroke would be instantly dry and the new color on the palette would be dry when I go to grab more. I live in a very dry climate with the heat on (making it even drier), so maybe that's why! If you have any tips on dealing with acrylic paint drying at lightening speed let me know. :) 

desert vista - image 1 - student project