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des lunettes



Yes well I guess I'll take my own class here, why not ?? :)

My chosen word is "des lunettes" which is French for "glasses", as in "spectacles."

Certainly going pictorial on this one. I love neon signs of pairs of glasses, there are lots of them all over the world, including this one I saw in Bangkok last year:

Another reason I'm drawn to this word is because it is so similar to "la lune" which means "the moon." So I like the connection there between glasses and gazing at the moon, which also looks maybe like an eye itself ? There is some kind of sweet French poetic/scientific thing there I think will be fun to explore.



Glasses. Wow, harder to draw than expected. I want them to be in perspective but also to look, well, GOOD. Tricky business. But fun to play with.

Also I am always trying to do something clever with the lettering sort of being made out of the shapes of objects. Doesn't always work, and here it is evidently NOT working. Atleast I haven't yet found it to work, maybe later.

One of these I have chosen to be the thing I go for (I think):

And I want to try this style of lettering, which I saw on a Polish neon sign for a fabric store:

this is the Polish sign:


Illustrator sketching

arms angled up? arms angled down ? I don't know. I'll look at it again tomorrow !


hm. Not satisfied yet. Nope.


I realized that I actually really like the shape of glasses on their own without letters obscuring their form. So I have re-worked the composition like so:

And the plan is to animate the glasses in succession. You'll see what I mean later....


today I've got the colors dialed in, now just futzing around with the animation. Almost done!


trying this GIF out for now. I'm sure I'll change the sequencing.


I decided to make the animation simpler, faster, and with a more consistent tempo. I'm finished. I'm happy with this - I haven't really animated my peices in this way before, I like it !


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