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delicious & healthy products

First lesson

Realy how much we enjoy a good meal?


We only have the need to pinch? or something more?

Of course not! In this case we could eat only one specific  food every day.

The main reason of our diet is to put our senses to operate and offer our body the nutrients it needs, so it can be strong and well-balanced.

  • My business project has to do with th export of food from the primary sector

    exceptional quality ( goat chesse, pomegranate juice, wine ect).
    The idea is to find small producers  who have the willingness of developing and making their product widely known.

  • This is a plan that has to do with sales, marketing and travelling. The salary based on a percentage of sales.The product is aimed at excellent restaurants and hotels which customers know and requires proper quality.Small producers have excellent product development and state support but due to their lifestyle does not have a way to show off. As the internet evolved and can only cover a sense of image but the most basic to those products are taste and touch.Doing this the small producter has the chance to spread and and the entrepreneur buys cheaper a good product and becomes competitive with bigger profits.

  • The difficult part of the idea is that you must travel a lot at the beginning
    until you get a basic customer relationship and depending on the agreement you will do with the small producers may need to put some of your own capital.It depends.You have to be patient because it's a job not measurable and may take time for get start working.
  • The uniqueness in this area has to do exclusively with you the same, with how good you are to keep the business relationship at the level they need to be everyone satisfied.

Second class

  • As I have explained above i'am a freelancer so
    to have a steady flow should be started at the beginning of the producers. Have to account the amounts that could be marketed. In the second case we have to know exactly the prices to know what profit you can deliver any tax attributable to each country.
  • To create an environment right for the work efficiency has to do with interpersonal relationships where there should be done properly partner selection.
  • The way you determine the value of work I would have to do with a certain percentage e.g. 10% base of a cap sales including travel expenses and by thereafter as overcome the predicted there will be prorated bonus.                        

Third classe-fourth classe

  • The business plan is this type of cooperation from independent professionals need a basic start-up capitalOne way to finance the costs of accommodation, food and upgrading technological devices (tablets, etc.) would be the participation in programs lending exports or even by advertising something alongside the sales.
  • In the foreground the design people to be employed in the form of recruitment will be translators which can still be found in panepistimia who know the language of each area addressed and need a job. Also it can be done and many collaborations as transport companies, travel agencies ect.        

Fifth classe

  • Making a list to describe how i'd like people feel aboyt my products.                      α) to feel healthy b) feel close to nature c) have a strong sense of smell and touch d) remind them of holidays in village e) remind them of family meals f) have the desire of good taste and feel blessed for nature's bounty.
  • Some words that could describe them would be: life,health, wellness, harmony, oxygen, plants, vines, trees, dust, clean air, nuts, family, intimacy, smell and taste.
  • Wellness diet product is the name of company .(


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