defining badass

I think there's a lot of pros out there looking to up their game. I'm no different. I'm an alright portrait photographer and a lot of what I see out there I feel like I could do if given the chance. Then there are those that bring it to a different level...

Celebrity portraiture has always been my favorite. Everybody likes looking at the pretty and the famous but the idea of having someone in front of the lens used to delivering a perfomance is inspiring. In my line of work as a portrait/wedding photographer, getting your subject to give you something relaxed or emotional or raw can be an overwhelming challenge. 

My favorite photographer is Nigel Parry. I'm amazed at the simplicity of the images, the uses of light, and  the expressions he inspires from his subjects. This is who I want to be when I grow up!

One of the most notorious assholes of our time. He's a racist, a bigot, all around bad guy... all in the name of God. Now I don't know how Jerry Fallwell felt about this image. I don't know how Parry even got him to pose for this... hell I can't even figure out how he lit this! But I can't imagine a more storytelling portrait.

Another example of a racist but not the point here... I'm pretty sure this was done around the time he directed "Passion of the Christ" - Crown of thorns? What's the message here? So simple, so powerful.

I love John Goodman and Tommy Lee Jones... but let's be honest, not the leading man types. Taking these guys and making them into handsome, sexy dudes... 

How to get your subject to let it all out?

It's not hard to make Christian Bale look good. So what can you to make it something special, something powerful?

My close second favorite photographer is Annie Liebovitz. Such a long history in the biz and got to work with the some of the most influential, talented and cool musicians. Watching her evolution is amazing. Her early work was really raw and emotional. Now it's a much bigger production, lots of amazing post production and high concepts... and they're larger than life.

I love rock portaits and want to take the concept if the rock band portrait to someplace cooler than guys sitting on a couch


Love the light... can't figure out how she pulled this off.

just love the posing.

Here's some of my stuff. I work with a different kind of clientele than movie and rock stars so please bear with some of the kids and engagement stuff. I love the idea of trying a new style and trying a new type of portraiture photography, I just don't know where to go. I'm excited for some inspiration and challenges! Thanks Jonathan!


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