decrease bodyfat!

Ever since senior of highschool I had put on some weight, and it only got worse in college.  I didn't take any action until my senior year of college and my now husband had proposed.  I had to get in wedding shape!

I dropped a lot of weight and was probably the fittest I have been since early high school. Through p90x and healthy diet, I was thin and happy.  And then I relaxed a little after the wedding... and ended up putting some back on.  I'm not as big as I was, but not as thin as I had been.

I've recently been into eating clean and lifting weights, as well as running.  it goes up and down and I'm having a hard time keeping consistent.  I guess I need to keep an eye on the long term benefits.

Overall, I'm 5'9", 149 lbs, 22.7% bf

goal - 135 lbs, under 20% bf


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