death arena

since we haven't done any game play scripting i decided to have fun & do a little art piece, kind of like a matte painting using assets from the asset store & the standard assets plus primitive objects, i got carried away with lights & colors , it's a lot of fun to play with


this is the camera angel those characters are frozen in the specific frame to look like they're fighting


since  i used the free unity, i had no shadows & the scene without shadows looks very flat & dull, you could barely make the depth , thankfuly i found the projected blob shadows, & sprayed the scene with them , the next 2 images show how things look with & without blob shadows

without blob shadows

with blob shadows

i also used different main colors on the same material on the arena to bring more depth to it

same color

i used lot of lights & light hallos to simulate things like bounced light  light shafts, it was a lot of  fun playing with all these stuff.

week 2 project, didn't have as much fun with it as the first one, so it's pretty basic uncomplete level with playmaker interactions


if you do check it out please leave a  comment

third week project ,brickout game


finaly , i spent the whole weekend on this yet 90% of the time was debuging .


to glide hold the up arrow key while falling

to shoot fire press the down arrow

to double jump hit space

it's still buggy & i was meaning to have a custom textures for gui but i had no time to do everything i want

dragon jump

i couldn't resist changing the gui :P


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