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deMo Fibreworks Rebranding


HI, my name's Lara de Moissac. I completed Part 1 of this course and found it extremely helpful. Designing a logo has been holding my business/goals back for a while now so it's time I just designed one. I don't technically have a business yet but I'm building up an internet following and working on getting my voice developed and out there. I knit, quilt, weave, and design surface patterns and would like to market my products on my website:


This is the brand ethos I currently have on my website.

As a knitter, quilter, weaver, spinner, and an aspiring surface pattern designer,  I value a can-do attitude and a willingness to try new things. I am genuinely interested in handcrafts and their processes and origins, and continuing them into the future. Being self-taught I believe that ideally, the creative industries should be a community to engage in, not a competition.


My logo will be used on my website as I mentioned, as a watermark to protect my surface pattern designs, over top of knitting photos, maybe as a stamp, later incorporated into my business card, and maybe shipping materials... who knows!!


My brand name: deMo Fibreworks

What I do/sell: weavings, knitted housewares, playmats, quilts, surface pattern designs

How I positon myself in the market in terms of pricing: mid price range

My target market: Creative women or men who appreciate the time, effort, and skill put into the work that I do.

3 words that best describe my brand and products: unique, fresh, timeless

Exisiting logos I like and why:

Woolful, on trend and simple

Uppercase Magazine, recognizable and simple

Very Shannon, bold, clean, minimal

My competitors are:

anyone selling what I sell that's on Etsy, and other surface pattern designers, which is a lot of people, so determining what will make my work stand it out is key

Colour preferences: I love the colour orange and I wear a lot of grey

Budget in mind: very low $100-150 or I will do it myself (doing it myself!!)



I found that I like two kind of opposing logo themes: sans serif, minimal, versus handwritten watercolour. They're both simple though and I think that a sans serif, minimal bold logo will stand the test of time for me a bit better.






This was a good braindumping exercise. Just like Faye said, it got all the cliche ideas out of my head. Like incorporating a ball of yarn into my design, which would be fine if all my products were yarn related. But, not all of them are. I like my final drawing where the deMo is in bold, and the fibreworks is a little lighter in hand.





After some excellent suggestions from Faye, the logo needed to be loosened up a bit. Black feels too serious and the sans serif fonts weren't different enough from each other. So I changed the font to all one, the font colour to all orange, and played around with my dividing line. So here is the second version. I'm not sure why it's showed up so blurry, could be with exporting and quality.


I like both, however the bottom white on orange "fibreworks" will need to be bolder so that it shows up. I might also play around with placement of the line. This could also work in white on grey or grey on white. A work in progress!

I really enjoyed this class Faye, thanks so much. You make this very easy and fun as a process to go through and I can't wait for Part 3!


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