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deMo Fibreworks Rebranding

Hello there!

My name is Lara de Moissac and I am a knitter, weaver, quilter, and surface pattern designer. My brand is called deMo Fibreworks because plant and animal based fibres (and some synthetics) are what I work with! Currently I do not sell anything and I'm taking my time to get a brand, logo, blog, and a following on Instagram before I launch a business. I'm savouring this time, it's precious, and I really want to get it right. Ok, onto the project!


This is me, freshly showered in the morning, ready to work on this project!






[PERFECT CLIENT]: Annette is 33, female, a mom by night, and superhero arborist by day. She is college educated with two diplomas, married for 10 years, has one spunky 3 year old girl, two Beagle dogs, and two cats. She earns roughly 60,000 a year. She likes knitting, spinning, tending to her houseplants and yard, and  does a lot of hiking. Her favourite books are fictional and she listens to a lot of podcasts. Her favourite websites are Ravelry, a site for knitters and crocheters, CBC Music,  and IFL Science. Musicwise she will listen to just about anything except country and heavy metal. She likes Instagram but she keeps time logged on her Facebook account very limited as it is more important for her to spend time with her girl. Annette is a very creative person and likes to find new ways to fuel the creative spark.


What do I sell?

As of yet I don't sell anything, but in the future: knitted housewares, baby playmats,  tapestry weavings, and surface pattern designs.

What is the price range of my products/services?

Anywhere from $5.00-$150.00 depending on the product

What 3 words best describe me?

outgoing, cheerful, colourful

What 3 words best describe my business?

fresh, colourful, modern

What 3 words best describe my style?

coordinated, minimalist with pops of colour

What are my favourite brands and why?

Birkenstocks and Blundstones- timeless footwear, worth their price, quality

Knitter's Pride- customer service and satisfaction, quality of product, also worth their price

What's my customers emotional response to my brand... and the brand experience?

They might say "Oh wow, that's neat", or "Oh I like that". I want them to be surprised but not shocked or overwhelmed (mainly at the price) when they see my work.

Where do I currently sell my products?

To friends that have commissioned my work.

Where would I like to sell my products/services in the future?

Physical goods like weavings, knitted housewares, baby playmats or quilts sold on my squarespace site, possibly through Big Cartel.

Surface pattern designs sold on Spoonflower, Society6, or through my squarespace site.

Where do I see my business in...

1 Year: launched and gathering a following

5 Years: featured in Uppercase Magazine, on Woolful's podcast, maybe at a few trade shows, rebranded again

10 Years: at trade shows, and earning at least half my income

Who is my ideal customer/client?

Ideal customer's or clients are friends, family, and creative people in the knitting or textile industries.

What's my brand name?

deMo Fibreworks


deMo Fibreworks creates fresh, unique art for inspiration in a creative person's life.

This statement is what I currently have on my website:

As a knitter, quilter, weaver, spinner, and an aspiring surface pattern designer,  I value a can-do attitude and a willingness to try new things. I am genuinely interested in handcrafts and their processes and origins, and continuing them into the future. Being self-taught I believe that ideally, the creative industries should be a community to engage in, not a competition.


My brand name: deMo Fibreworks

What I do/sell: weavings, knitted housewares, playmats, quilts, surface pattern designs

How I positon myself in the market in terms of pricing: mid price range

My target market: Creative women or men who appreciate the time, effort, and skill put into the work that I do.

3 words that best describe my brand and products: unique, fresh, timeless

Exisiting logos I like and why:

Woolful, on trend and simple

Uppercase Magazine, recognizable and simple

Very Shannon, bold, clean, minimal

My competitors are:

anyone selling what I sell that's on Etsy, and other surface pattern designers, which is a lot of people, so determining what will make my work stand it out is key

Colour preferences: I love the colour orange and I wear a lot of grey

Budget in mind: very low $100-150 or I will do it myself

A few notes: I think I will still tweak my brand mission/ethos as I'm not sure it completely reflects what I want my brand to say. Any suggestions appreciated!

Also you can see my blog here:

Thanks to Faye for a great class, I found it very helpful in clarifying what my brand and business is all about!


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