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deMo Fibreworks Overhaul

This class is extremely helpful in defining a blog style and where I want it to go. I have a blog called deMo Fibreworks where I disucss and showcase knitting projects. I have recently expanded my hobbies to sewing, weaving, and surface pattern design and thus have more to talk about or display.

1. Why have a blog?

- gain exposure in knitting, weaving, textiles, sewing, and pattern design

-use the blog as a creative outlet

-express ideas or observations about the creative industry I'm in

-share experiences from life or creative events

-be unique in the industry, reflect my personal style

-showcase items I have made

-feature my favourite things and favourite influences

-establish myself as a subject matter expert and as a trusted individual in the community

-practice writing skills and increase readership

2. Audience

Demographics: female, middle-class, entry-level employees, entrepreneurs, creative freelancers, mothers, first-timers, ages 20-45

Psychographics: can-do attitudes, willing to try new things, critical thinkers, interested in and respect craft and its processes, value a nurturing environment in the creative industry

Hypothetically, the person I described above can be named Annette. Annette is 30 and is an Animal Health Technician. In her spare time, when she's not taking care of her dogs or renovating her house with her partner, Annette likes to knit and crochet. She's though about weaving but doesn't know where to learn or even where to begin. Annette is looking for resources and inspiration to fuel her creative endeavours.

4. Goals

  • Complete a Skillshare class on how to create a blog or work with Wordpress by the middle of May
  • Write one blog post per month with original content and photos for the next 4 months (starting in June)
  • Advertise each blog post on Instagram, Facebook page, and Ravelry to gain exposure
  • By the end of 2015, be featured on another blogger's Instagram feed
  • By the end of 2015, submit to Uppercase Magazine

5. Brand Statement

deMo Fibreworks is a fresh, inspring, and honest blog focused on providing content aobut handcrafts to enthusiasts, creatives, and beginners to cultivate an environment conducive to learning and sharing.


  • Share creative techniques
  • Gain exposure in the fibre arts and textiles community
  • Make connections with creative people

By putting in the effort to develop quality content on a regular basis, I plan to:

  • Gain readership by advertising across social platforms
  • Help build the fibre arts community with original insight
  • Be featured by another blogger or in a magazine

6. Content Pillars

Engagement: techniques or tutuorials about knitting, sewing, weaving, or surface pattern design; current projects; organization

Evergreen: creative process and finding inspiration

Events: fibre arts shows

7. Hard Sales vs Brand Journalism Approach

Right away I noticed a hesitation to write in a hard sale approach. The style of it does not appeal to me and as of yet, I have nothing to sell on my blog or through my business.

As a reader I would prefer a journalism approach. I like stories and I read a lot of magazines with great articles in them. A hard sales approach seems cold to me and impersonal. Ideally and with practice I would like my blog posts to emulate magazine articles.

8. Sample Draft Guest Post Pitch


I've found your podcast Woolful and the accompanying blog on to be extremely inspiring.

I am wondering if you would be interested in a guest post that I have drafted. It's titled "Connecting Creatively on Social Media" and cover tips on searching for inspiration via Pinterest and Instagram.

I look forward to hearing if you think the post could be interesting.

For a reference to my writing style, I have recently published on LinkedIn and on my deMo Fibreworks blog page.


Lara de Moissac

9/10. Publication Channels and Frequency

I already use Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram quite regularly so those are my choices for publication channels. I would like to use the Buffer App to regulate when the posts are published on each channel. Also I think that publishing once per month is reasonable for me and that Sundays between 8:00 and 9:00 pm is my most creative and efficient time to write, since writing does not come particularly easy to me.

11. Roles and Responsibilities

I will be taking all roles except Proofreader, who will be a close friend of mine, or my boyfriend, depending on who has time.

12. Process Workflow

Activity                                   Days from Publication

Publih Content                                  0

Content Revised                               -2

Content Proofread                            -4

Draft Completed                               -6

Design Assets Completed                -7

Content Calendar Updated               -28

13. Template Calendar

I really like the provided Editorial Calendar Spreadsheet because it's so adaptable!

Editorial Calendar Spreadsheet 


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