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de Vida


Brand Name: de Vida

Slogan: The Good Life™

Extra Credit: Adaptability Test

Logo and Wordmark


-Brand color pantones: Pantone 1785

-Proper scaling: The icon and word mark can each be scaled proportionally independent of the other.

-Proper typefaces: Arial Rounded 

-Proper placement and usage of logo and word mark: Like life, the logo and word mark can adapt and are versatile. The icon and the word mark can move around each other and be scaled ito different proportions. No portion of the logo may be warped or skewed or scaled disproportionately along the x and y-axis. When the icon and the word mark are the same contrast or color, they may not be overlapped. The crowned umbrella should never be rotated more than 45˚ left or right, it should always be pointing up. The "de" and the "Vida" can be placed in two configurations either stacked on top or with the "de" to the left coming out of the "V". 

Customer Profile

de Vida customers want to live the good life. They're interested in pursuing dreams and thinking happy thoughts. They appreciate the beautiful things in life. They're passionate and emotional people. Images and experience speak to their emotions. They're creative people. They want their imaginations to be sparked. They appreciate travel or being transported to new realities. They believe that life should be simpler. de Vida Dolls (girls) want to feel beautiful, pretty, special, unique. de Vida DaVinci (guys) want to feel well dressed, inspired, creative, classy, admired. It's for people with a youthful spirit and a fresh clean perspective. de Vida will make sure to produce items at a price point that is attainable to a wide gamut with competitive department store brand prices, for example the average price of a department store t-shirt currently goes for $20-$30US. A de Vida shirt will be around that price. Everyone should have an opportunity to enjoy the good life. de Vida is an international global brand. The customer should feel happy about their de Vida experience and want to share that experience with others. Happiness is contagious. de Vida is diversity, we don't discriminate or specifically target race, color, religion, sex or national origin. For the refined de Vida customer, de Vida is dedicated to producing limited numbered collectible items at a higher price point for those who enjoy the finer things in life and like to be surprised.

Concept and Theme for Spring 2014 Collection

Elements of Life: Water (Agua de Vida), Fire (Fuego de Vida), Earth (Tierra de VIda), Air (Aire de Vida). The limited collection will be Sweel Life (Dulce Vida). There are basic elements that make up our lives and how do we see those elements around us? How does our environment define our lives? There will be a large focus on element iconography, the play between elements and their overlap. The visual translation of original photography into hard and soft goods.


His' and Her's Hats (Desert Commodore and Sand Beacher)

Hats $30

Homegrown Tee $30 US | Homegrown Board $40 US

Blow Tee $30 US | Blow Board $40 US

Drop Tee $30 US | Drop Board $40 US

Fire Flower Tee $30 US | Fire Flower Board $40 US

5-7 Pieces Graphic accessories, cut and sew. CAD's

Press Release: San Diego, CA August 22nd, 2013
de Vida makes us happy! Here is a fresh clean brand coming out of SoCal. de Vida is full of bright beautiful imagery and solid geometric patterns. The brand captures a youful spirit focused on comfortable everyday wear. Their launch line is centered about elements of earth, air, water and fire. This coed brand is sure to catch some attention while making you feel good. coming soon

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