days 1 - 3

Like a lot of people out there at the moment I am currently stuck indoors with a lot of free time on my hands. I am now inside for the 9th day in a row and after upwards of 30 hours of Animal Crossing and many episodes of Breaking Bad later I have finally found the motivation to try and be creative. I'm going to continue to update this as the challenge progresses :)


Day 1 - couch

Today I noticed that reaching out to people helps, a lot. I'm confident enough in my own brain to motivate me to do stuff but getting support and encouragement from friends can push me that little bit further.

It is day 9 of staying at home because of COVID-10 and for the past 8 days I've been reasonably content to spend the day sitting on the couch watching (edit: I meant to write playing) animal crossing and doing a workout and watching a movie, with the odd walk thrown in as well.

Even now, sitting at the dining table instead of the same spot on the couch where the L shape connects I feel like I'm put in a completely different environment. Where I'm sitting is harder, the surface is kind of wobbly because I suspect the chair is cheap, and there is no possibility for me to lie down or slouch back with my feet on the table. Unless I really tried anyway, somehow I feel like that position would make this whole process more difficult.


Day 2 - asbestos

Today I noticed how much my vision has deteriorated as of late. I'm currently sitting at the same spot as yesterday on that cheap chair with my legs crossed and my view of the apartment block across from me seems more blurry than it used to. It probably doesn't help that I'm looking through the fly screen as well.

When I was walking to the IGA yesterday I noticed how much of the apartment block has been demolished since I started staying inside. On my daily walk to the creek I usually don't pass by.

I remember a few weeks ago when there were guys in hazmat suits walking around that block for about a week spraying asbestos. I remember wondering if walking past that place twice a day on my commute to work would make me ill. Now I keep seeing images online of people in hazmat suits all over the news and suddenly walking to the IGA to get my groceries for dinner seems just fine.


Day 3 - turtle

Today I noticed that a lot of the observations I've been making these past couple of days haven't really been tangible things. I've been sitting in the same surroundings for almost 2 weeks now and a lot of what I think about is how my attitude changes throughout the day. When I wake up I'm tired, and I enjoy the routine of sitting on the couch with my coffee and playing animal crossing but I become quickly agitated.

I've been trying to work out most days, so I usually have the internal debate for the first few hours of the day as to whether or not I'm going to work out. Usually I do after much deliberation, sometime mid-afternoon. After that I find that my day becomes progressively better, and I find new things to be positive about and share that with my friends. Unless I'm drinking, which is what happened on my birthday.

I think about how long it's been since I've hugged my friends and how the only recollection I have of their face now is through a computer screen. Last night I danced in my living room with a stuffed turtle, I'm doing okay.