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day one "storm @ sea"

My name is Michele, I am an artist and a designer and stuck in the "too busy, not the right tools, not enough time loop" but missing my creative work, I hope with a day to day project I can get back into it :) 

So I used tools that I found in the garden... some dead branches and a

dried flower.... old coffee and some Indigo dye  ( it seems I  DID have some tools lying around ;-) 

Day 2 : got the prompt 'Fashion' 

ink, pencils, coffee .... for a 'wing scarf' 

That word is the total opposite of what I would draw normally... I enjoyed the challenge and the 'having NO idea where to even start' and that slowly an idea appeared. 


DAY 3 : Time challenge....GREAT, because not only do I never have the time, but IF I have the time, I often sit too long on something not worth the drawing ! You conviced me Ria: From now on EVERY day ART. 

6 minutes, prompt: "Something from your fridge"  coffee, Ink and big brush


Day 4 : I worked in the kitchen ... and the good part was that I had some unusual things around. like butter paper, which was great to use for the sketch with the prompt "tools"  Was great to hear that I am not the only one using all those excuses.... I even do have a working table, but actually feel very often uninspired there. A change of location is always good I suppose! 


Day 5 : Wanted to become more experimental .... the way I started really. So, didn't take a prompt but just opened the sketchbook and some magical tools :)  I will keep the sketchbook routine up (first for 10 days...) Thank you Ria for all your wise words!



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