day 4/5? project

day 4/5? project - student project

I didn't quite understand what the difference between days 4 and 5 were... perhaps because I was already making this while I was listening to day 4, but this also seems to be the project for day 5 so here we are.

I didn't clean this very much because I felt that trying to pretty it up would look kind of silly, since the important part is that my drawing looks like something, and not that it looks like perfection. I'm also trying to get used to digital, since the tablet I bought arrived today and this is like the 2nd thing I did on it, which is partially responsible for my lines being a little wobbly.

Anyway, even though this looks nice, it doesn't quite emulate the subject I was drawing. The cylinder isn't wide enough, and the... half circular prism(?) is a bit too tall (maybe because the actual subject has rounded edges and I was trying to compensate?).

BUT, it looks like a thing! Which is more than I could've done not very long ago, so I'm somewhat 4/5? project - image 1 - student project