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daily drawings by Becky (November sketch a day challenge)

As a middle and high school art teacher, I often spend my days telling other people how to improve their skills and helping them refine their ideas. Too often I neglect to practice my own skills and follow through on my ideas. I am excited to push myself into a daily drawing practice.

I am doing the daily drawing challenge, so I will be using those prompts as well as insipration from the videos. I am starting a couple days late, but I'll catch up quickly, I hope!

Day One: Fall


Day Two: Gords

I'm loving all the white pumpkins this year.


Day 3: Color

I love the way a well-used palette looks :-)


Day 4: Hay or...not.... I did the 'I have everything' exercise instead.

I found a jeweled hairpin abandonded on the floor of my classroom- still hasn't been claimed from lost & found, so I put it to use!




Day 5 - Feast

There is so much that could be drawn for a feast, so I began with where it would end. The perfect piece apple pie, crumb topping and all.


Day 6 - Bonfire

Day 7 - Home

I thought about drawing something more traditional for home, but then home is really wherever my husband is, so I drew him. Doesn't quite look like him, but it's close.


Day 8 - Gathering

Day 9 - Season

Couldn't pick one, so I did all four :-)

And I rolled the dice. 4 minutes for four seasons!


Day 10 - Chill


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