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Hello! I picked "cycle" and "page".

I liked the "chase in the library" idea I came up during the iteration process, and decided to run with it! For the characters, I wanted to create a charming old librarian whom little kids would be terrified of. Character design for the boy started with a photo of my friend as a child. It captured a great mischievous facial expression. I added a girl as his side kick. She's very shy, cautious and never does anything daring, yet she always ends up being involved in the boy's misadventures.

I added a dog as the librarian's companion/guard. I wanted someone else who can put out a better "chase" than an old man!

I had a lot of fun tackling this assignment. I was in the middle of "want to draw but don't know where to start" phase, and this class really helped me jump start my engine. It was also very inspiring to see your creative process. 

Thank you so much! 





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