cyanidea reboot

I [somehow, miraculously] got a job immediately after graduation, and although that is clearly awesome and I love my job, it did inadvertently cause the demise of my own portfolio site. Even though I don't intend to be in the job market anytime soon, it seems asinine for me as a designer/developer to not have some kind of official hub for my work and online identity. SO. I'm using this class as an excuse to finally rebuild my portfolio site, cyanidea. Some of the javascript flavor I'd like to incorporate into it includes slideshow functionality, interactive menus, and some simple motion. Maybe even a twitter, facebook, and/or spotify stream if I get ambitious.  

( I know I'm reallll behind already, but I'm a fast learner and figured I'd at least try to catch up rather than just admit defeat. Working on hosting tonight, in addition to catching up on the lectures, so that I can share my actual project and not just crappy sketches! )


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