curascope.com - Watch and archive your sites.

cura-scope: from the greek roots for 'to care' and 'to see'

As a web project evolves it can be difficult to remember how much progress it has made. And it's worse when your project is being worked on by others, changes happen without you realizing, you don't look at your site every minute, and it can be days before you see a change that was made without your knowledge.

Curascope.com is a calm and passive service, you set it up, and it works quietly in the background for you.

When your site changes a view of it is archived and you get an email with a thumbnail ( as well as a diff of the source if you choose ). It also serves as a monitoring service for sites; so unexpected changes will be brought to your attention.

The canvas is at http://leancanvas.com/canvases/57715


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