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cultural activism business card

My girlfriend and i just got a copy of the Adobe master suite (quite exciting!). We've messed about w/ graphic design a bit, here and there, mostly using free or open source software (gimp, photobucket). This is my first attempt opening Illustrator. You can do so much with the right tools!

The first series of videos were surprisingly useful, a great start with image editing software. Got me thinking about Fonts, what kind of mood i was trying to convey, then using color, shading, and placement to get the right points across. I've been an amateur student of graphic design for a minute, so was pleasantly surprised to see that my eyes and hands seemed to know what they liked, what they wanted to see.

Started off w/ Futura fonts, but opted for Gill in the long run, deciding that the organic and whimsical nature better described the mood i was going for. This is a personal business card for my Forestpunk project, which is a mixture of music journalism, sound engineering, and band promotion. Its an open ended project that is a bit confusing, because its trying to do so much at the same time. I feel like the 'journalism, audio, promotions' tag in the top right gets the 3 main points across effectively, with a red font for journalism cuz  1. its eye catching and 2. that's mainly what i do.

i was going w/ a more central organization, like the video at first, but the descending left column was a happy accident, and i decided to roll w/ it. That's a large part of my creative process, which is a mixture of planning, organization, and inspiration. Changed the opacity of the texts to create a shadow effect, which hopefully looks snappy, and puts the emphasis in the right places.

This project has got me thinking about artboards, layers, and grids; getting me used to sizing, exporting, file structure, and all the other simple stuff that is essential towards being a graphic designer. I'm hoping to just experiment and muck about, doing the design for personal and friend's projects and getting good, maybe doing some freelance work in the process.

I've quite enjoyed the videos so far, love the focus on speciic fonts and their histories, and plan on seeking out some of the books she's mentioned, as i progress.

Here's an earlier incarnation of the card, using Futura fonts, and is less busy than the 3rd incarnation. Let me know what you think:


I replaced Portland w/ the project title, in the latter, because i feel it doesn't matter much where i am located. In the final version, i also emphasized the e mail, and made the phone number smaller, as i would rather receive e mails than phone calls.

This is fun! I can't wait to do more. I just arrived at Skillshare, and i'm stoked that so many people are making knowledge available for so cheap. Most rad.


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