croquis - Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Bow-legged sprint runner, Shiny lady and Sonic the hedgehog

First of all, thank you very much for the most instructive lesson ever :)


On my best ever scatterbrain rampage I brought along with me my tablet but not the stylus, so ended up drawing with two markers - red for sketch, black for outline - in a A6 notebook.

First sketch (above) looked like something from Close encounters of the third kind movie, especially above the shoulders.

The second croquis worked out a bit better. What I can see as most problematic are the arms. The excessive width of the shoulders is explained by my fear that I would have no space to hand the hands, so... The legs look a bit  0 shape, but I rather like that. Anyway, here it is


And below is a cleaned up version. Now to dress her up a bit :)


UPD: Actually, after quick tracing and dressing up, she doesn't look too bad. Maybe because I gave her trousers to hide the excessive leg curve :) Now what I see as most problematic is the symbol hair drawing, but I will work on it. Thank you once again :)



UPD again: I made a brave attempt at a shiny silk evening dress. I am reasonably pleased with how the highlight on the leading hip worked out. Not so much with the rest of it though. More work needed. I drew another croquis for this one


UPD(don't remember which): and no I am making my way trough the book. meet the side view walking model, AKA Sonic the hedgehog. No, I can't explain the hair color :)



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