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My work started with time spent reading through the posted materials. Thereafter, I have taken the following steps:

1) Research Crown Heights, Brooklyn - background living here and online research

2) Define logo objectives and audience - design a logo for CH that is a universal representation of the neighborhood, allowing anyone (from locals to internationals) to quickly identify the neighborhood and associate it with the neighborhood's rich culture and history.

3) Map strategy - aside from best practices described in the course materials, I wanted to capture the richness of CH with a simple image and wordtype.

4) start sketching!

A considerable challenge of designing the logo for Crown Heights (CH) is that there are many different options to explore. CH is rich in history and culture and, in my opinion, represents the spirit of NYC. CH is a dynamic and vibrant intersection of West Indian, African-American, Hasidic Jewish, and hip young professional identities. The community balances old-new, traditional-trendy, and raw-"gentrified" dicotomies unique to anywhere in the world.

Representing CH in a simple and meaningful way would have to capture its posh origination, violent racial clashes, to its modern buzz. Key landmarks to consider are: the Brooklyn Museum, Botanical Garden, Brooklyn Public Library branch, Brooklyn and Jewish Children's museums, Medgar Evers College, and Ebbets Field and Apartments.

Crown Heights' main thoroughfares include Eastern Parkway and the original Crown Street carved through the hills. Every year, the community hosts the largest parade and street festival in NYC - the Labor Day Parade - a celebration of West Indian culture that draws over 3.5 million revelers from around the world.

The current theme that I am exploring uses a crown as the icon. I didn't mean to be so literal but found no way around it. I especially appreciate its representation of "Kings" (nka Brooklyn) and the many crowns its inhabitants wear - baseball caps, yarmulkes, Rastafari turbans, and West Indian headresses.

Milestone 1 - initial sketches:

For Milestone 2, I wanted to create a vector-based version of my logo. It took me some time to set it up and will benefit from additional work and refinments:



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