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creaturess: lets do it dragon-ish

Okay got some sketches to start off with. Really didnt go into too much (if much at all) detail, jsut tried to check off variety checkboxes haha. It was just to give me a general idea of what im looking at. Just trying to go reptilian/dragon-y this time around, something I dont have much experience with.

So number 1 is the one I'm most leaning towards. I wanted something that lived in caves or underground in general. I'm thinking a blind possibly eyeless beast. long snaking neck. In fact it is built much like a gigantic komodo dragon with an exceptionally long neck. the fun thing is its head/mouth. I was thinking viper retractable fangs and thought they would be fun to put on the lower jaw. Also looking at snake skulls, the bottom jaw is split in two, so I thought why not actually divide the jaw a bit, gives its a sinister look I think.

number two is just lets try to make a bat with a pretty flat face into a reptilian flying thing.

number 3 is an aquatic...thing. The fins are kind of fun and I was thinking some bio-luminescence and lights and stuff with it. also the jaw has an underbite but is long like a bottle-nosed dolphin. long anglerfish teeth on the bottom jaw too.

Okay I've done subterrestrial, aerial and aquatic, so how about a terrestrial number 4? I really just wanted to make something ridiculously front heavy, also armored.

The little thing behind him started off bad and I didnt like the direction it was going in so nope

Also I did a quick quick sketch of a possible staging with number 1:

Think dark cave and there is a knight or something with a torch unveiling this beast. this is just a possible staging. The creature would likely be a pale color (lives underground) and I'm still not sold on the fin-like frills or whether or not it should have eyes. No eyes would add another level of creepiness to it. What do you guys think?

got some reference sheets now:

wonder which one I should do a study(s) for....

Okay, I did the emerald tree monitor in hte pictures bove as my study.

I did it because I loved the ghostly-green golor it has and its long snaking tail, thats something i really want to incorporate into my beast

It sucked because RJ's stained glass scales method didnt work on a lizard with this sort of patterned scales, so I had to make do messing around with some scale brushes. anyways all feedback is appreciated! 

also just BS-ed the background..:/

did a couple new studies with skeleton and then flushing them out. komodo skeleton and viper skull.

here are some design concepts. I think Im going with body A (only difference is neck length.) the body wont be shown too much I think in the final piece and the focal point will be the head/mouth by far.

Speaking of, please tell what head design you like (or what parts of the designs you like). The bodies above are drawn with head 1, my original concept. Heads 2 and 3 are more snake/viper inspired and head 4 has those frilly things. Let me know! I really want to hear what you guys think.


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